Konexo launches its transformative Konexo Hub

Konexo launches its transformative Konexo Hub

Konexo today announces the launch of its new legal-tech product: Konexo Hub. Konexo Hub combines leading technologies to bring the client matter lifecycle into one place. It is a flexible portal which uses technology to give in-house legal teams access to leading-edge technology to drive efficiency and quality. In development since March 2019, Konexo Hub was soft launched earlier this year.

Designed to support clients to outsource activity, or manage routine work themselves, Konexo Hub’s key features include document automation, AI contract review, bespoke workflow management and sophisticated data gathering and reporting. Legal teams are facing increasing pressure to do more with less, whilst their workloads grow and become more complex and Konexo’s new Hub is well-placed to empower clients to deliver their services more efficiently, using controlled and measurable tools.

Commenting on the launch, Graham Richardson, Partner and Head of Konexo, said:

“We are very proud to bring Konexo Hub to market. The legal landscape is changing, with in-house legal teams working amid the increased globalisation of law and regulation, while business decision-makers increasingly scrutinise the value they derive from their legal resources more than ever before. Konexo Hub is a key differentiator and will empower inhouse legal teams to have more choice in managing the work they do, and deliver faster and better service provision to their organisations.”

Konexo Hub enables clients to draft and review contracts online using state of the art document automation tools. These tools can be used in conjunction with Konexo’s wider offerings such as legal managed services and interim resourcing. The portal also includes a range of self-service legal tools, which offer quick responses to common legal queries, legal risk indicators and reporting.

The Hub is intended to reduce and help manage efficiently the complex pressures legal teams face and take the strain out of routine, legal work for client teams. Large corporate clients, across all sectors, will benefit from the add-value which Konexo Hub provides.

This press release was first seen in The Lawyer and has featured in a number of global news outlets including Australiasian Lawyer and The Global Legal Post.  

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