Technology & Process Optimization

We work closely with you to understand your processes and build a roadmap towards digital transformation that suits your business.

Using our technology and data maturity models we benchmark where your business is today and where you would like to get to.

We review your processes and operating models and identify opportunities for automation using technology, data analytics, process optimization, and people.

Once you are ready, we help you evaluate solutions and support you in the configuration and optimization to match your business processes and requirements.

Data transformation

We can help you untangle the large volume and complex data sets to enable data based decision making.

We help define metrics and measures relevant to the business such as matter and contract performance and financial trends across transactions.

We identify, collect, track and organize data across your processes, people and systems.

We use market leading data analytics and visualization tools to help make sense of your data, identify new opportunities and support your future decision making.

Products and solutions

We have invested in cutting-edge technology solutions to help our clients with their business challenges.

Our technology portfolio consists of:

  • KonexoHub our intake, triage, allocation, tracking and reporting solution combining workflow automation and artificial intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence for data extraction and contract risk analysis
  • Robotics and automation to reduce manual and time consuming tasks
  • Contract lifecycle management to help you manage your contracts and obligations across their lifecycle
  • Brand protection to help you monitor your brands across marketplaces, websites, social media and other online channels
  • Fraud risk management to manage customer on-boarding, identity verification and screening against global watchlists

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