Sophie Espinasse, Head of Client Learning

Sophie works within the our Financial Services team. She leads the development and delivery of our client learning proposition.

We recognise that business change is not only inevitable but also multifaceted. Our team is committed to equipping organisations and individuals with the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to navigate dynamic environments shaped by regulatory change, organisational transformations and technological advancements. Whether you are adapting to industry regulations, streamlining your processes, embracing digital transformation, our bespoke learning programmes empower you and your people to thrive. From technical proficiency to soft skills and behavioural change, we tailor training to enhance performance, enabling your people to excel in their roles and drive meaningful change. Sophie has over 30 years’ experience within the Financial Services sector. She helps clients understand and comply with ever changing regulations; partnering with them to translate regulatory expectations into everyday working practices and helping them equip their staff to perform to the standards required.

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David Saunders
Partner and Head of Konexo
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Carmen Brun
Head of Konexo - US
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David Boyd
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Francesca Turquet
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Joan Oh
Head of Konexo - Asia
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Babar Hayat
Managing Director, Head of Technology and Transformation
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Carol Rodriguez
Head of Legal Services - US
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David Robinson
Regulatory Director - UK
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Gemma Pendlebury
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Gregor Gottlieb
Regulatory Director - UK
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Ian Stott
Head of Financial Services
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Janet Price
Operations Director
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Kate Ellis
Head of the Branding Group
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Lisa Carlin
Head of Legal Resourcing - US
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Oliver Beaulah
Legal Counsel
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Richard Hill
Head of Legal Resourcing
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Simon Collins
Managing Director - UK
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Sophie Espinasse
Head of Client Learning
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